Little About our Team

ConvexSERV is comprised of a group of technology professionals striving to provide the best IT service we can for our customers. Each member of our team contributes their unique talents and abilities to make ConvexSERV greater than the sum of its members.

Leading team members

Meet the top members of our technical team...

Jim Spaloss

Senior Field Service Technician

With 25 years experience in the field of IT, Jim Spaloss leads the team.

Jim Pitman

Senior Field Service Technician

Jim Pitman brings a breadth of experience and knowledge to the team as lead engineer.

Frank Hurley

Field Service Technician

Frank is a driven IT professional. He is quick on his feet, and an excellent problem solver.

Ruth Feeney

CFO and Operations Manager

Ruth brings an unparalleled level of organization to the team and is responsible for scheduling, operations and finances.

James Woltman

Field Service Technician

James is tasked with managing our busy service bench, as well as installations, sales and remote work.

Ryan Qunitenz

Field Service Technician

Ryan is a rising star in the world of IT, with an amazing attention to detail, ant the tenacity to get problems solved.

Tim Blood

Service Technician

Tim has a patient demeanor, and has the ability to explain complex solutions to end users in simple terms.

Megan Pell

Office Support

Megan is the newest addition to our team, and is already demonstrating excellence in the service she provides.

Owen Spaloss

Service Technician

Owen is the youngest member of our team, and excels a little more each day in his responsibilities on the bench.


Technical Position Available

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